Prayer Power

  (published in Inner Voice column, page 13, Hindustan Times, October 24, 2007) (published in slightly edited form in the newspaper due to space constraints) There is a lot of power in thoughts and prayers. Thoughts are a form of energy and therefore real. Prayer is a form of communication with the Infinite source of all energy, or God; through our thoughts. Thoughts are like seeds which require nourishment to grow into fruit-bearing trees. The nourishment of thoughts is in the form of affirmation, concentration and attention. Prayer need not necessarily involve the usage of pious phrases. Normal Vincent Peale…

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Still the mind and see the light

(published in The Speaking Tree column, The Times of India October 19, 2006) Stillness of mind is necessary for us to realise who we really are. "Be still and know that I am God", says Psalm 46:10, a clear advice in the Bible by the Lord to meditate. When a stone is dropped into a pond of water, it creates ripples, which prevent a person from seeing his own reflection in the pond. It is only when the ripples subside and the water is still that you can see your own reflection. Our consciousness is like the pond; if thoughts…

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