When Your Earth Visa Expires

Where do we go when our Earth visa expires? Most religions suggest that our souls live on and travel into another realm. While this is the common belief, it is not as simple as it sounds. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity talk about multiple levels, dimensions or frequencies of existence after the soul leaves Earth. The Quran and Bible have instances where the term "Seventh heaven" is used. Hinduism talks of various astral planets and even higher spiritual planets or 'loks' where souls travel to after physical life comes to an end. There have also been accounts on record of…

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Astral and Physical Worlds

Astral life begins once physical life ends. There have been many accounts of the astral plane, which describe its luminous nature. One of the most famous accounts is in the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. In the astral plane, we inhabit astral bodies that are much like the physical ones we currently inhabit, but those are much subtler and radiant. These astral bodies are not confined within the narrow limits of current space-time continuum that governs the physical cosmos. In the astral plane, inhabitants communicate through telepathy and since we recognise people who were our family and…

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Yin and Yang

  (published in The Speaking Tree newspaper, a part of The Times of India November 21, 2010) We all have a Father and a Mother God within us; the merging of these energies results in spiritual awakening, says Prashant Solomon. Recently,I had a very powerful dream, a dream in which I was in a strange realm, where I could feel something called the 'female healing energy' or FHE. This energy represents the feminine aspect of creation and is crucial for the process of healing. It is clear — from the knowledge I acquired in that dream state — that all…

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Faith, Reticence and Work

  (published in The Speaking Tree column, The Times of India March 31, 2010) The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ performed many miracles, including healing the sick and even raising the dead. Christ tells healed people two things: ''According to your faith be it unto you'', and ''your faith hath made thee whole''. Then he charges them by saying, ''Tell no man about what has happened to you.'' Faith has a vital role to play here. The Roman centurion whose servant was ill had so much faith in Christ that though Christ offered to come to his house the…

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Ultimate faith in the divine will

(published in The Speaking Tree column, The Times of India October 31, 2008) Why do we pray? Some want health, others wealth. Some pray for the longevity of their parents, the safety of their children or that some other desire of theirs gets fulfilled. These prayers, like all others, have power and energy that bring them to life. The only difference between a prayer and a desire is that a prayer is directed towards God with faith. Faith plays an important role in whether the prayer is answered or not. But do we always know what is best for us?…

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