NASA announces liquid water on Mars, but life?

Today NASA announced that liquid water still flows on the surface of Mars! Well, this is the second best announcement about Mars that we could wish for - the first being of course that they found life! Hmm, perhaps a little disappointing but who knows, that announcement could come sooner than we think. Well the fact that there is liquid water on Mars significantly increases the possibility of life on Mars and also it makes things a lot easier for humans to someday visit and colonize the Red Planet. Actually water, which is the most important aspect for life as…

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Anybody out there?

(published in The Speaking Tree, The Times of India - October 26, 2012) When NASA recently landed the Curiosity rover on Mars, the moment once again raised the age-old question, "Is there life in outer space?" The most logical answer is that there must be life out there considering the infinite nature of our known universe with its assumed 70 sextillion stars distributed across billions of galaxies. Fermi's Paradox Either way you look at it - creation or evolution or both, as they are not mutually exclusive - there is no logical reason why Earth should be the only planet…

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Worlds without end

  (published in The Times of India, Editorial Page, December 9, 2006) Looking at stars on a clear night somewhere away from the city, one is amazed at how many are visible. The hazy band of the Milky Way stretches across the night sky and contains millions of stars, thousands of light years away, but still part of our own Galaxy. Late astronomer Carl Sagan put the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy at 400,000,000,000 (400 billion). There are a little more than six billion people on our planet — so a rough estimate puts it at about…

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