A spark to set us afire

  (published in The Economic Times, The Times of India - Nov 15, 2014) We all have in us special sparks of love and creativity. These sparks are not meant to remain trapped in our hearts; they need to be released into the world. That is the basic purpose of life. As we go about our lives, let’s love and create with God so that we pitch in to making life brighter, happier and more joyous for us all. As you go about your day, look around at everything that you use, almost without thinking. The car, mobile phone, sunglasses,…

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Destiny of an atom

My bedroom window overlooks the lawn, which has two pipal trees in it. One of them is the parent and the other its offspring. For the past month, I’ve noticed that after the leaves fell off, only the parent tree started to grow its leaves back. The offspring tree remained barren for a while, and that worried me. I asked my wife why she thought that one tree’s leaves were returning while the other’s not. She said simply, “Everything is different.” This statement sent my mind on a trip. A trip that momentarily in my imagination encompassed all of creation!…

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