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I have felt a connection with God since I was a child. I love to pray, meditate and know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are all connected in this world and beyond. I am a seeker of the truth and am on a mission to love, learn and am trying to spread love and light in the world.

Web Design

At one point, I was a web designer and developer. I create my sites on my own and love to use WordPress and various plugins. I also manage my server myself. Web design is a modern art form that is really useful and lots of fun. It also makes life a lot easier if you create a lot on online content.


A photograph captures a moment in space and time. It is an amazing art form and I love taking pictures and doing stuff to them in photoshop and other mobile apps to create artistic representations of real things.

Film Making

A new passion of mine is making YouTube videos and creating content. I like to use proper lighting and sound quality. I am using Adobe products like Photoshop, Premiere and AfterEffects. You never know, maybe I will produce a movie some day!


I have loved writing since childhood. I have written hundreds of published articles, three books and am writing a blog as well. I hope to write a lot more stuff in my life - fiction and non-fiction. You can read most of my articles and posts in the blog section of this site. Visit the books section for more details of my books.


My business is real estate development. But I am also now a publisher as well. My publishing firm is called Thinking Tree Publishers and my real estate company is called Chintels.

Journalism & Law

I was a full time journalist at one time and love journalism. I still write articles in various newspapers. I have written many times in the Speaking Tree column of The Times of India and other newspapers on a variety of subjects. I plan to get into this more using my website, social media and YouTube. Citizen Journalism is the future. I am also a law graduate and have written a book on Fundamental Duties (but it is currently out of print). When its published again, I'll let you know.


Drop by drop mighty oceans form. This is the same principle I follow in investing. I love to invest in stocks.

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